07/02 2010


All BYA programs are tools used to accomplish our mission, achieve our vision of building strong and well-rounded young individuals, happy families and peaceful communities, and reinforce the BYA core values of compassion, mindfulness, helping others, and hamony living. BYA also use an asset-building approach in our programs. Each chapter is different, reflecting the culture and the needs of the local community. These programs may, but will not necessarily, include:

Arts and Humanities
writing, performing, cultural appreciation, visual and more

Begining A New
strengthening the relationships between parents and teenagers

Camping & Fieldtrips
day, overnight, outdoor education and more

Community Development
community service work; emergency response; development programs and more

Dharma for Kids
art & craft, comic books, dharma games to provide moral foundation and spiritual growth

Environmental Protection
local, national, and global awareness programs and bring balance to the force project

Family Retreat
family happy hour, support groups and programs to strengthen communication between parents and children

Health and Fitness
integral tai-chi, chi-gong, yoga, group exercise, hiking, and nutritional workshops

Meditation and Mindfulness Pratice

meditation session, mindfulness tools, discussion and support groups for all members


interactive mentoring program for adopting younger brother and sister to look after

team building for youth and adults in basketball, volleyball, soccer and more

Teen Leadership
adventure programs, junior advancement, bodhisattva to be, and more

Young Bodhisattvas

Local, national, and global social engagement programs for young adults and more