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Compassion Water Walk

Sunday, November 14, 2010

9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m

UCI Aldrich Park

UCI Campus Center,

Irvine, CA 92602

 (corner of Campus Dr and 

W. Peltason Dr)


Registration Fee:

Individual: $25.00 per individual

(includes T-shirt & Reusable Water Bottle)

Family Package (max.6): $100.00 per family

(includes T-shirts & Reusable Water Bottles)

Team Package (10+): $20.00 per individual

(includes T-shirts & Reusable Water Bottles)


Parking is $8 per vehicle. Parking lot is on W. Peltason Dr at the corner with Campus Dr).

Please utilize carpool to the UCI Aldrich Park.


Lots of fun activities, games, raffle tickets, competitions for children, youth, and families. 

To benefit the less fortunate and provide you with fun and healthy activity,

so why not lace up your shoes and join our walkathon?



Variety of Interesting Types of Walk are offered:

5K Walk

All You Can Walk

Walk with Challenge

5K WALK For healthy people who are willing to commit a walk of 3.1 miles to get genuine attention from your friends and family to sponsor you to walk for the cause Here at the beautiful campus of Aldrich Park, UCI, we offer 5K walk for those 2.1 billion people scattered around the world who must walk roughly 5K or more everyday to obtain any access to drinkable water.
ALL YOU  CAN WALK For people who would like to join others in walking together as much as you can to support the synergy of the walk and raise funds for the cause The maxim "you’ll never know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes".  As the average person in Africa and Asia walks the equivalent of six kilometers (or 3.7 miles) to even attain the precarious water sources.  Try your best to see how far you can go on this walkathon.
WALK WITH CHALLENGE For people who would like to involve in the cause by showing the hardship of people walking in distance in developing countries like Haiti to obtain water, we propose a special challenge for you to carry gallons of water throughout your walkathon In order to first-handedly experience the hardships of people in developing countries like Haiti, you can try our special challenge to walk with carrying gallons of water throughout your walkathon.  This challenge is fun and will inspire others to feel strongly in supporting our campassion water project.



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