Internship Programs: Local & International Students

Earn your Expericence or even College Credit at CAMP!

Make a difference in a child's life while gaining valuable skills and experience for your future profession!  

You may apply for this intership to earn work experience and leadership skills to enrich your resume and prepare for your future public service career field.  If you are studying education, recreational or exercise management, coaching, leadership, counseling, nursing, social behavior, or preventative healthcare, youth camp provides a rewarding internship opportunity.

Becoming an intern at camp requires that you first apply for a position at camp. If you are selected to work on a particular position, our camp staff will assist you in processing the necessary paperwork, provide training and feedback to further hands-on learning in your chosen field.


How Internship Program Works:

There are two internship programs: Regular Internship and Summer Internship.  Both programs take place at Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center.  For the duration of an internship, interns shall gain over 300 hours of experience working with children, teens, young adults, staff, and community leaders.  

The Regular Internship Program is for local students who would like to work and gain their experiences throughout the school years on a flexible weekday or weekend schedule.  Interns may also receive stipends for work time depending on their experience and effort contribution.

The Summer Internship Program is for both local and abroad students who will commit to a fixed duration of internship from one week to two months depending on availability and interest.  Interns may receive a stipend, travel allowance to and from camp, plus housing and meals provided. Interns will also be given time for the necessary reports and mentoring throughout the summer.  This program is best fit for students who wish to earn college credit.


How to Apply:  If earning college credit is a priority for you, first consult with your college's Career Services office about internship requirements. You may also need to speak with the head of your academic department.  If your college does allow you to earn summer internship credit while working at camp, you'll need to: 

  1. Apply for any job position you'd like at camp for an internship program. 
  2. Accept the job that is best fit for you and bring the necessary paperworks from school to camp. 
  3. Complete the internship and return the paperworks to the appropriate administrator at your school.

For Summer 2015, we offer 2 internship sessions for Camp Leader or General Staff: (1) July 1 to July 15; (2) July 16 to July 30. We will provide room and board during your internship period plus a stipend of $500. You will have a great opportunity to serve and learn everything about operating a camp! 

To apply for both internship programs, please fill out the online BYA Camp Staff Application AND also submit along a personal statement (up to 2 pages) of your motivation & inspiration for the camp internship programs as well as what you hope to learn from the youth camp experience. A resume may also be submitted if preferred.

For any question, please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.