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As Logan storming out the classroom with his feet stomped heavily, the camp counselor standing outside asked "Are you upset?" "Yes, I'm very upset," he replied. The camp counselor asked again "Something unpleasant happened? What would you like to do now?" Logan answered "I want to go sit meditation."  And supprisingly, Logan actually went to the Peaceful Pines Hall to sit, meditate, and calm himself down!

Just imagine how happy you would be if your kid were able to calm down like Logan did!  That was a true story happened at one of our camps to a boy camper who resisted the practice at first but then changed his attitude on the 5th day of camp through the practice of meditation.  

In the spirit of helping our next generation, we would like to launch our Camp Care Campaign again, please consider BYA on your donation list.  Your contribution to our Camp Care Campaign will help us to have financial means to create more of these inspiring stories to benefit our teenagers and young children, who nowadays are dwelled in a world of confusion from abundant media information and technology but very little spiritual and moral support.

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Camp Care Campaign Choices
(An on-going campaign for Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center)

Adventure Pass

WinterCabin- As a thank you for your support and generosity, we will send you  one (1) complimentary Adventure Pass for every $200 you donated  to BYA in this campaign.

- Each complimentary Adventure Pass includes a two-person stay at our camp facility for any weekend (up to 2 nights, Friday - Sunday) during one year period when our camp is not occupied by our scheduled activities. This offer includes lodging only.

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Monthly Care  

- Any monthly donation commitment from $10, $20, $50 to $100 or more is greatly appreciated. Your donation commitment will enable us to have a stable operation for the camp and our programs in the long run.  As a thank you for your generosity, we will send you a BYA T-shirt and a caligraphy or bedazzled cultural artwork, varied styles depending on our supply availability.   

IMG 0331- You can chose an automatic monthly Bill Pay, Chase QuickPay from your own bank or a recurring donation with credit card at PayPal. In order to help us tracking this donation commitment easier, please download and send us a copy of the Monthly Donation Form .

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A Seed of Generosity

>> Many places in our Harmony Pines Camp facility is in dire need of upgrading and remodeling, your sponsorship here will directly help us to maintain them. You can sponsor any cabin or building:

HarmonyPines4web♥  A Cabin = $500 (we have 10 cabins)

  Compassion Yurt = $1,000

  Harmony Dinning Hall = $1,500

  Meditation Room, Game Room, Recreational Area = $500

- As an appreciation gesture, we will engrave your name or a personal dedication of your choice on a plaque to be placed outside the cabin or buidling entrances for long-term merits.

Please click here to download the Sponsorship Form .


Send Foster Kids to CAMP

>> We have been trying to launch a new camp program called "Mindfulness Based Foster Youth Camp" where we will provide positive camp experience to 30 foster care youth for free.  Please help us to make this project into a reality some day with your seed funding today!

Please click here for our story and to donate specifically for this cause.

  Send a Foster Youth to Camp = $250 each sponsorship

♥  Help to send a Foster Youth to Camp = $25 each

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Three easy ways to donate to BYA Camp Care Campaign:

1. Write a check payable to Bodhi Youth of America or BYA, Memo: Camp Care Campaign.

    and mail to: 8762 Garden Grove Blvd. Ste# 102, Garden Grove, CA 92844

2. Use Chase Quick Pay to our email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Donate via PayPal or credit card, please click the Donate button below. A fee of 5% will be deducted by PalPay and credit card company.