Welcome to BYA Gala

It takes a village to raise a child!
Yes, at BYA, we're helping parents to nurture youngsters
to play and learn in a positive, mindful, and happy environment
and to grow up into peaceful, compassionate, and well-rounded young adults.
In order to nurture and develop BYA programs and activities,
as well as maintain our camp and retreat center,
we do need a whole community to support us in any way that you can,
especially financial support through various venues such as
BYA Gala, Monthly Donation, Camp Sponsorship, Amazon Shopping, eBay Selling,
and In-kind Donation of equipments and supplies for our youth camp and retreat center.
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What is BYA Gala?

BYA Gala is our venue to promote and introduce BYA to the community at large; to recognize the young Bodhisattva seeds among our youth and members with awards and regconition; and finally to raise funds for BYA's centers, programs, and camp activities.  BYA Gala is celebrated every few years.

Thank you for supporting BYA Gala 2013, click here for its result.

What is the goal of BYA Gala 2019?

The goal of BYA Gala 2019 is:

(a) To promote BYA's Signature Summer Youth Camps on our 10th Summer Anniversary

(b) To raise funds for foster kids camp scholarships at the BYA Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center

(c) To recognize BYA young Bodhisattvas and introduce BYA Center and its programs/activities to the community at large

Please prepare to support BYA GALA 2019. Save the Date of 2019 will be announced!

Why should you support BYA Gala?

Your support to BYA Gala will directly grant us tools and means to carry out our missions in developing effective programs and activities at the camp to help the youth to find balance and embrace life.

We all see that charity causes such as hunger in third world countries, medical procedures, and natural disaster are all noble and greatly needed. However, we also need to pay attention to the moral and spiritual needs of our young generation who may be so blessed with materials in this developed country but can be very confused with all mixed media messages leading to bad temptations and moral corruption.

A child living in a third world country may be poor with material stuffs but can be so rich with peace through simple living means, moral contentment, stable cultural values, and strong spiritual foundation. A child living in the US may be rich with all wealthy living materials but can be so poor in cultural values and spiritual foundation. Therefore, investing in youth programs and venues to give young people a good direction in life, to help them find purpose and unfold potential, to balance and embrace life is as important and urgent as any other causes.

The teenage suicide rate in the United States remains comparatively high as the third leading cause of death for those in the 15 to 24. So there is only a small window of time to reach out to young children and teenagers and make a difference in their lives before they grow up. With ripple effect, help a child to grow up positively today is to help many children grow up positively in the future!