Offer your practice to the youth!

"Life is not the wick nor the candle - it is the burning" 

If you are a dharma teacher, zen meditation master, mindfulness practitioner, and integral taichi or yoga instructor, we would love to welcome your sharing experience and practices to the youth at BYA.  It is a meaningful way to give back and contribute to the healthy growth of our future generation.  It may also be a wonderful opportunity to sharpen your skills and deepen your practice.

In offering your practice as a Camp Counselor or a Youth Leader, you are the burning flames of BYA and belong to the bodhisattva infantry unit and the final frontier of BYA.  You can be that positive source of energy to make a direct impact on the youth.  Your compassionate spirit and skilful mentorship will help our young members to grow with confident, compassion, and happiness in everything that they do. As Camp Counselors and Youth Leaders,

  • You are role models for kids and teenagers to look up to.  
  • You are big brothers and big sisters of our young members.  

♥ If you have a passion for kids or just wonder how much fun you would have in offering your practice to serve as a Camp Counselor or a Youth Leader, please indulge yourself with this rewarding commitment try-out. 

  • Only a minimum of two to six hours volunteering a week as Youth Leader will bring you lots of joy and happy moments. 
  • Or you can award your summer with one of our week-long camps as a Camp Counselor up in our rusted mountain of Harmony Pines Camp and Retreat Center. 

♥ If you are willing to learn and practice the holistic training of BYA on Mind - Body - Action and committed to our leadership training program. You can be a spiritual practitioner and volunteer as a youth leader at the same time. Not only you will get to enjoy working and playing directly with our young members but also improve yourself in overall life quality and personal achievement.

Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express your interest or click here to download BYA Staff Application. 

Access to training and services from BYA and partner organizations, BYA leaders and volunteer staff benefit from: 

  • Mindful Leadership Development
  • Enhancing Emotional Well-Being
  • Lessening the Effects of Aging
  • Advancing Environmental Awareness
  • Increasing Your Flexibility
  • Improving Physical Wellness
  • Relaxing & Reducing Stress
  • Community Service Contribution
  • Enriching Life with Cultural Diversity
  • Spiritual Achievement Satisfaction

Thank you for your courage, enthusiasm, and commitment

to the future of the Youth of America!