Be Involved

Volunteer! Make a Difference!

My name is Anh Tu.  These are words that I have often heard but for one reason or another, they have never compelled me to take action.  The idea of volunteering to help our youth has always sounded appealing and even though, deep inside, I’ve always thought about getting more involved and making a positive impact.  Thoughts and actions are two different things as we all know!
A friend of mine who has been involved in volunteer work for many years asked me to come to a kick-off meeting for Bodhi Youth of America (BYA).  Although I initially hesitated, I came along and am glad I did! I was very impressed with the BYA vision, their mission to empower youths, and their goal to help youths achieve a balanced and all-embracing lifestyle.  What made the BYA different to me was the emphasis on implementation.  In order to teach, you must also believe in and practice what you teach.  I also noticed how genuinely happy the volunteer teachers were and how passionately they believed in what they were doing.
Since that first meeting, I have been practicing the three main training modules that involve the mind, the body, and action.  Within three months, I have noticed an overall increase in my happiness.  Not only do I feel healthier physically and mentally, I feel strongly motivated to let others in on the secret to an overall better life.  Although my journey has just begun and I have far to travel and much to learn, I realize that BYA is beneficial to both the volunteers who will be learning, practicing, and teaching, and to the youths who will be looking to the volunteer leaders for mentoring, friendship, and encouragement to guide them on the way to unfolding their potential.
BYA is actively seeking committed individuals to volunteer as Founding Visionaries for local chapters.  We have a need for program developers, youth leaders, community liaisons, fundraisers, and project leaders. And even if you can only donate a small portion of your time, we need enthusiastic and energetic people to serve on various support committees.  An enclosed Volunteers Needed List is here for you to choose ways that you can best support BYA and our youths.
Join us on this exciting new journey on which you will share the joy of mindfulness with children & teens through outdoor activities, camping, meditation, integral tai-chi, & community service.  With your help, we can reach our goal to build a peaceful community of kindness and compassion that begins with our youth. So volunteer!  Make a difference and see where this journey can take you!
"Happiness lies within reach of those who reach beyond themselves."  (~ Unknown)
Thank you and we're looking forward to your support.
BYA Volunteer Staff