Teen Self-Leadership & Pre-Teen Camp


July 17 - 24, 2022 
(3pm SUNDAY 7/17 to 3Pm Sunday 7/24)


this year's theme:

be beautiful, be yourself, create a better world!





Are you ready to challenge your Emotional Intelligence, aka "EQ"?

Take a fun EQ Test here, and join

BYA Signature Youth Camp 2022 to understand your EQ score!

A week-long-overnight energetic camp for youth aged 13-18. The goal of BYA Teen Camp is to build mindful self-leadership skills to develop and strengthen emotional intelligence (EQ) through various activities including challenge courses, leadership workshops, problem-solving games, life-balancing choices, stress-coping skills, time management techniques, and pioneering in community compassion projects. This specially designed signature camp focuses on preparing teens with these soft skills on how to take care of themselves emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually on their long life journey.


Canoeing * Archery * Rock Climbing * Rope Courses * Fun Hiking * Cooking * Survival Games * Leadership Workshops * Communication Seminars * Multi-Cultural Activities * Music * Drama * Arts & Crafts * Painting * Stress Coping Skills * New Techniques of Relaxation * Time Management * Yoga * Integral Taichi * Meditation * Mindfulness



Concurrently as part of the Teen Leadership Camp program, there will be additional unique sessions designed for young teens between the age of 13 and 14 to focus on the specific needs of this age group emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Pre-teens at the age of 12 may also register to participate in this special camp depending on their interest, mentality, and/or physical maturity.  This is a very unique stage of youth development in which we recognize that they need specific attention and care.


"Mindfulness practice as a path of awareness, acceptance, and authenticity."

What we plan to deliver - what we hope you gain from this Teen Self-leadership Camp:

  • Learn how to "Self Care" and "Self Lead" properly and skillfully as to:

    • When to say YES and how to say NO to peer pressure

    • How to stay in control of your emotions instead of letting them control you

    • How to use mindfulness practice to develop EQ, improve our inner strength, and keep cool!

  • Learn how to care for others to create a better world as to:

    • Why/when EQ matters more than IQ in terms of life happiness

    • How to cope with stress in school, from family/friend interactions, and social expectation

    • How to develop self-confidence, empathy, motivation, effective social skills, and discover your uniqueness!

According to Dr. Marc Brackett at Yale Center for EQ, since "feelings are a form of information like our own news reports" from within, wouldn't be so wonderful to learn how to access that insider information so we can make the most informed decisions and nourish happiness!



General Camper Fee: $450 - includes cabin accommodation, food, t-shirt, prizes - all soft skill training and program activities are inclusive and offered as a free service from our volunteer staff, wellness professionals, and Dharma teachers.

Early-Bird Youth Camper Registration by May 15, 2022: $350

Returning Youth Camper Special by June 15, 2022: $375

COVID Assistance may also be provided to families in need by May 31, 2022: from $100 to $250 max per child (apply during registration)

Scholarships may be available for qualified individuals with outstanding academic performance and community engagement/contribution.  Click here for info.

We're working through various fund-raising venues to offset our low camp fees so that many families may fit in their summer budget to send kids to this valuable camp. All of our core staff, camp counselors, and Dharma teachers are volunteering their time and effort so that we can put together this collective energy and wisdom at this affordable rate to care for our youth's emotional dire needs - to nurture our future generation's good seeds.

Homestay Option for Out-of-state Campers: if you need help with local transportation for your children to attend the camp, we do have a limited number of local BYA parents who offer to pick up your children at the airport, house overnight if needed, drop off at camp, and take them back to the airport at the end for a nominal fee.  Please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further inquiry and arrangement.


Registration is available NOW!


 Once you have completed registration, 

please use Zelle or PayPal to send your camp fee to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OR mail your check payable to BYA at: 
P.O. Box 4763, Garden Grove, CA 92842 

If you prefer to pay online by credit card, please follow this link to PayPal options.

(A ~3.5% will be added to all PayPal options to cover the PayPal processing fee)