Camper Essays about Camp Experience


           The BYA camp to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much from this because I was expecting unappetizing vegetarian food and early morning stretching and breathing.  In addition, because the camp activities on the agenda were unappealing except for a few activities. In addition, I thought we were going to have to sleep in some dirty cabins. Then after the first day of camp, I had fallen in love with the whole experience and the compassion from the people around. 

            As for everything, I had prejudged before it had proved me wrong like that ugly duck that turned in to of that beautiful bird thing.  The food that morning amazing it was not your ordinary vegetarian breakfast though corn flakes, soymilk, and the chefs were excellent they really went the extra mile.  Throughout the week, they continued to impress every meal with so much variety ranging from your rice and your stir-fried vegetables to your pasta and garlic bread.  For vegetarian food, it was beyond my expectations.

            The activities I remember exactly telling one of the other staffs I was working with distastefully “Really Arts and Crafts”.  I really can’t judge anything before I really try it.  When I was doing arts and craft, I was actually having fun. It really reminded me when I was a little kid and the carefree things we did and we should really just enjoy what we have.  Also, I learned a few cool tricks as well rope tying and note tying some very useful skills.  Then as for the team activities, I couldn’t ask for a better team and better competition.  I really enjoyed the spirit of the kids here some young and some old but together we were close like brothers and sisters.  One of the activities I absolutely have to mention is the archery; canoeing and the class camp out with the fire, marshmallows, scary stories, and the stars.  I have to say it was a night to remember and it was beautiful.

            Out of all the experiences I enjoyed most lectures from the guest speakers not just, because we got free stuff, but unbelievably.  They just have so much to offer and its heart rending, mind opening experience.  Words cannot describe I came back home knowing I change.  It made me realize we don’t appreciate the things around us. Not to be cliché, but me personally I’m always trying to get somewhere or something and be someone. While I was doing that, I was missing the biggest part of my life the other lives around me. They’ve made me who I am and they’re there for me. Without them I can‘t   I can’t get to that place or be that someone.  As for the others lesson it’s an experience you have to take for yourself.

            Checking things off I would come back a second time.  The fee was $150.  Food being awesome - check, fun activities check, top notch cabins nope you know the only thing it was missing was a plasma TV but besides the fact, it was homey.  The passionate positive staff - check.  The bonding experiences and memories between the campers - check. Admission fee $150 and as for experience of your life priceless. 

             Brendan Vuong