Preparing for Camp with COVID-19 Safety

After a long on-going COVID19 pandemic, we are very happy to be able to reopen the camp and welcome everyone to our beautiful mountain and rustic but cozy facility at BYA Harmony Pines.  The safety and health of our campers and staff are always of utmost importance and the highest priority during this challenging time.  Therefore, we will take every precautionary measure that we think it's necessary to keep our campers and staff safe and well so that everyone can enjoy their time here as worry-free as possible.

+ COVID-19 Prevention Protocols:

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States, we are reviewing and updating health-related plans and procedures as needed to comply with health officials and ensure that everyone has a safe and enriching camp experience this summer.

All campers should be fully vaccinated, except for medical reasons and special considerations.

Prior to entering camp sessions, all campers will also be tested onsite with a rapid test kit provided by us during the camp check-in.  If any campers are tested positive, they will be sent home to prevent an outbreak at camp.  A 24-hour negative PCR test may be required then to confirm if any campers wish to return. 

+ COVID-19 Resources:

Community Tracker for COVID-19

Vaccines for Children and Teens

Indoor Mask Update

As always, camps should follow their state and local guidance at a minimum.  We plan NOT to wear masks during camp sessions but will respect any campers who wish to do so.

+ Packing List for Campers:

  • a washcloth or towel (may also be needed for swimming)
  • t-shirts, long pants (jeans, kaki), Capri, pajama, socks, extra socks, underwear
  • sturdy shoes (tennis shoes or hiking boots) for outdoor use: Shoes are required at all times at camp!
  • one pair of sandals is recommended for showering and water activities
  • a sleeping bag, pillow, and a twin-size sheet (if preferred)
  • toiletry (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.) and personal medication (if needed)
  • a hat and a light jacket or sweatshirt
  • sunscreen lotion, insect and mosquito repellent
  • a flashlight and batteries
  • a reusable water bottle
  • a small hiking backpack
  • a pair of sports gloves (if available)
  • small writing pad and pen/pencil, appropriate reading or spirit devotional materials
  • a signed Camp Consent Form (signed by parents or legal guardian for all campers under 18)
  • a small musical instrument (if preferred to play)
  • For Pre-Teen and Teen Camp Only: a compass, a walkie talkie, and a telescope (if you have one), materials to design a costume of your own

    Items NOT to BRING to CAMP:  In order for you to enjoy the camp activities to their fullest experience, for campers' safety, as well as to protect your electronics from breaking, please DO NOT BRING these items to camp with you:

  • NO electronic games, MP3 player, iPod, or any other electronic games and devices
  • NO candy, gum, any type of food (unless required for a medical reason)
  • NO alcohol, cigarette, drug, or any other intoxication substances
  • NO sharp objects or items that can cause disruption such as weapons, pocket knives, spray cans, firecrackers or any fireworks, pellet guns, knives, valuable jewelry, or inappropriate reading materials.

Locked trunks or suitcases are not allowed – in fact, to ensure the safety of all campers and staff, trunks, suitcases, and belongings may be checked for appropriateness of items brought to camp. 

Parents will be required to sign the Liability Waiver for all young campers upon check-in.  Please click here to read ahead the Camp Consent Form.