BYA Camp Facility is closed for remaining of 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We still offer Virtual CAMP this summer and online mindfulness workshops on weekends. 

Breathe, smile, stay safe 'til we meet again!

BYA Virtual Youth Camps 2020

Please join us in our Virtual Summer Youth Camps 2020!

Aug 9 to 14

V-CAMP: Virtual Creative Art & Mindful Projects
Don't you miss all the fun of the morning mountain hikes with fresh meditation and delicious breakfast or the afternoon canoeing at the lakes and splashing water at your new cabin friends?  We surely miss all of that too. We actually feel sad that we won't able to see so many of your beautiful smiles and witness your energic open hearts to try out so many new things at the camps pushing your comfort levels for learning and growth!
After much contemplation, discussion, and coordination, we are finally able to redesign our signature camp programs to bring a Virtual CAMP Experience to you in two weeks!


Registration is available NOW if you are ready!


Virtual Creative Art & Mindful Projects

Of course, V-CAMP is not the same as the *camp* we have known and loved – truly, our norms have changed, at least for now. And at the same time, Bodhi Academy and BYA are joining to deliver a *new* Bodhi V-CAMP experience to your home – or wherever you may be – with supply kits, online programming, all the DIYs, and a low price. 

Like any other summer, our Virtual CAMP programs will entail creative, colorful, engaging, and project-packed activities as well as our signature skillful workshops in mindfulness and social-emotional learnings. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully re-designed to encourage independence, build confidence, and strengthen inner fitness through these hands-on activities and workshops!

We provide all the fun maker supplies, project how-tos, and engaging and supportive instructors – you still bring the cool ideas and creativity!

Together we will Create Cool Things and Make Things Cool!


V-CAMP pricing for children

      > Thanks to our sponsors for Art & Crafts project materials, we are able to lower the cost by $50

$1-      All Class Themes for children (3rd to 8th graders): $150/week

$1-      Camper Sibling Discount: $100/week per additional child in the same household

$1-      Tag-along Sibling Discount: $20/week per additional child in the same household outside of the groupage to receive their own creativity kit.

   V-CAMP pricing for teens

-    All Class Themes for Teens (9th to 12th graders): $100/week


>> $25 coupon for using Zelle payment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Sunday 8/2/2020.  

Camp fees are to cover project materials and some staffing to carry out the daily programs. Our Dharma teachers and CAMP counselors are all volunteers.

Specific sign-on schedule and links will be included in your CAMP welcome package.


For more detailed schedules and activities, please click here.