BYA Camp Facility is closed for remaining of 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We still offer Virtual CAMP this summer and online mindfulness workshops on weekends. 

Breathe, smile, stay safe 'til we meet again!

Welcome to BYA Camp Care!

An On-going Fundraising Campaign to Care for 
BYA Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center

WIthout a doubt, our programs are very exciting and being added more every year to benefit the youths in our community.  In addition to our signature summer camps for teens and kids, we are planning to add one summer camp for foster kids, and several retreats for family with children.  Additionally, BYA already supported our subsidiary "Bodhi Academy" to launch afterschool program with applied mindfulness and meditation for inner city kids.  

We are in need of much financial support to care for our Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center and to fund our youth camp programs and many other youth development programs.  We would like to invite you to participate in our on-going Camp Care Campaign to raise fund to fix and care for Harmony Pines Camp, to make the facility even more accessible and comfortable for our campers.  Please to donate to BYA during Holiday Seasons and beyond!  Please help to spread the word to your friend and family.


Your support is vital to our mission success! 
All donation is great appreciated. 

Please click here to donate to BYA 
during the Holiday Season 

All donation is tax deductible allowed by law.
Adventure Pass
For every $200 donation, you will receive one (1) complimentary Adventure Pass to stay at our beautiful camp facility for a weekend in a year. 
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Monthly Care
Your monthly donation commitment is crucial to help BYA to establish a stable operation for our camp and much more in the long run. 
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Grow A Seed
You could help us grow stronger by sponsoring a cabin, a building at camp or fund many youth programs. 
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We are proudly to have 100% of every dollar you donated go directly to fund vital BYA programs without any administration cost deducted since our program staff are 95% volunteers and 5% funded by rental fees. 
All donation will be tax deductible according to the limit of the law. 
Your generous contribution helps us and our youth to walk mindfully on the Bodhisattva path. 
Bodhi Youth of America