BYA Camp Facility is closed for remaining of 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. We still offer Virtual CAMP this summer and online mindfulness workshops on weekends. 

Breathe, smile, stay safe 'til we meet again!

Please mark your calendar for upcoming camps & retreats

BYA 2019 
Camps & Retreats
At our center, a variety of fun and meaningful activities are thoughtfully designed and crafted specifically for families with children, teens, and young adults throughout the year with a focus on learning meditation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques to take care of oneself holistically! 
Our camp is now officially resided in the newest America's National Monument of the San Gabriel Mountain at 6,500-ft in elevation yielding beautiful snow covered winter as well as cool and shady summer with cabin accommodations, large meeting rooms, and many amenities.
A retreat on MLK Holiday weekend created for children, teens, young adults, and their parents with various activities including snow bubbling, sledding/skiing, zen-archery, self-reflection through the beauty and purity of nature, and more; all with a focus on cultivating family inner peace.
A week-long camp for teens (15 to 19) and pre-teens (12-14) to learn mindful leadership skills through various activities including challenge course, leadership workshops, life-balancing skills, stress management techniques. Our main focus is to enable teens to mindfully navigate through social pressure while maintaining strong family root and unfold their healthy potential.
A five-day over-night energetic camp for children (8 to 12) to have fun while enjoy interesting and educational activities. Our main focus is to nurture kids and inspire their inner seeds of compassion and kindness. This is where they can blossom to be the best of themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.
Monthly Family Day: TBA
Every now and then, we offer a family retreat or day of mindfulness along with our staff training day so parents can have a chance to practice together while their children learn more about dharma, recitation of mindfulness trainings. This is also a chance for your family to get away from city routine to enjoy the peace and beauty of our wonderful mountain nature!


Please join BYA at 
Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center, Wrightwood
We are very happy to welcome you at any of future camps and retreats.
This cozy camp and its amazing experience awaits you and your family!