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BYA Teen Explorer Program

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The Teen Explorer Program is designed specifically to provide a holistic training environment for teenagers from the age of 13 to 15 to embrace life, to learn social and leader-of-self skills, to practice compassion and mindfulness; to build a balanced and appreciative character development through various program activities.  In addition, it will help youth members to improve their concentration in school, physical flexibility, life-balancing and leadership skills as well as communication and interaction skills with friends, families, and the community.

Program Schedule:

All registered youth will participate in a variety of activities each Sunday with many interesting projects that they will take charge to self-explore including but not limiting to charity services, cultural fieldtrips, spiritual events, creative workshops, meditation and dharma lessions. There will also be peer support, communication, and mentoring through the program blog.

One Saturday or Sunday a month, entire family of parents and teenagers will be invited to participate in a family retreat day at Harmony Pines Camp & Retreat Center in Wrightwood, CA.

Proposed Activities:

Fun and meaningful activities are to be incorporated throughout the program in various forms.

-  Hiking, biking, nature walks, integral tai-chi

-  Educational games, life-skill games

-  Leadership project, team building activities

-  Cultural promotions through music, dance, singing, presentation

-  Meditation, mindfulness practice, self-exploring trainings

-  Leadership development through change agent projects

-  Healthy green living and environment-protecting projects

-  Community service and charity projects

-  Fieldtrips to various places such as museum, science/ art center, cultural/meditation center

-  Participation and/or performance in educational festival, cultural activities, and spiritual events

Meeting Location:

All pick-ups and drop-offs for meetings will be at BYA Meeting Place in Westminster. BYA entrance is at the back of the Advanced Cosmetic Clinic building. 

Recommended Contribution:

-  Program Donation: $50/mo (t-shirt, books, CDs, prizes, transportation, lunch, drink & snack, fieldtrip tickets, charity gifts, and activity materials)

Parent Participation:

We would like to invite all parents to participate as staff volunteers or driving chaperones. Your assistance and volunteering are greatly appreciated.

Internet Parental Control:

Please allow your children to access the following websites.

-  BYA website: www.bodhiyouth.org and Children Adventure Program Blog: www.blog.bodhiyouth.org

BYA Contact Info:

Phone: 931-BYA-CAMP or 909-251-4885 – Fax: 909-753-0359 – Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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- Thank you for your support and participation -



1.  Our program is now open for rolling registration, i.e., you may register for your children participation at any time during the program.  However, the earlier they join, the better chance they have to earn enough point for prizes at the end of the program.  Please click here to register online to reserve a spot.  If we reach the maximum number, your children will be placed on a waiting list for participation.

2. Download the Youth Member Application and complete all fields with as much detail information as possible, then print out a copy to sign and date the application.  Send the signed application along with any program contribution, either montly, quarterly, or annually, to BYA at: P.O. Box 2218, Fontana, CA 92334.  (Please make your check payable to BYA.  Memo: Teen Explorer program).

3. You may also bring the completed paper application to the first day of your children's participation.